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Most Company logos displayed on web sites are static 2D Graphic images - which is really not a problem and it looks great.

But now imagine bringing that 2D Graphic to life!!! That is exactly what Logo-Animator can do for you and your company.

We specialize in designing professional logo animations for our customers and have been doing it successfully since 2005.

The nice thing about using Flash is that the final design of your animated logo is delivered to you in .SWF file format which is very small in file size and therefore web friendly.

The 2D Flash Animations that we create are Vector images - this means that you will not get that fuzzy, pixelated look that you usually get with a .GIF animation. The 2D animation of your company logo will display clear, crisp and colorful.


Here you can see the satic 2D Graphic / Logo of the customer.


Here the logo has been animated and turned into a dynamic 2D animation.


In the logo animation category I basically offer 2 packages:

Silver Package (For customers who already has a logo and would like it to be animated)

Gold Package (For customers who does not have a company logo and would like us to design one from scratch and then animate the final design)

Once you have viewed the the details of the different packages you can place your order online by following the appropriate order link

All the online orders of Logo-Animator.com are processed by 2Checkout.com - our online credit card processing company - and it is perfectly safe and secure.

So, let us turn your logo into a dynamic 2D animation today!




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