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An email signature card is a graphic image which you can add at the bottom of your email or at the top of your email as an email header.

Once the email signature card have been inserted into your email client it will display automatically every time you open a New Message Window in your email client.

You will no longer spend time adding your details at the bottom of your emails manually.

The email signature card can be displayed as a static image or as an animated image - depending on which email client you are using.


It is simple: Logo-Animtor will make it possible for you to advertise your company or small business with every email that you send by custom designing your own email signature card

An email signature card helps you to personalize your emails and it can be inserted into all email clients.

Your email signature card can further be customized by hyperlinking important information on your email signature card which will make it easier for your customers to navigate to your web site

I offer different packages in order to cater for your unique needs - So whether you are in need of 1 email signature card or 20 email signature cards - there is a package for you.


Decide which email signature card package will best suite your needs.

Click on the package icon and place your order online.

Please insure that you complete the online order form where you will provide me with your design specifications.


Forward the contact details and information which you would like to have displayed on your email signature cards. (john@logo-animator.com)

Please forward your company logo to me in .CDR or .AI or . EPS files format.

I will need to know which email client you are using so that I can assist you with instructions on how to SAVE and INSERT your email signature card files once the design process is complete.


Once you have placed your order and have forwarded the contact detail information - the design process will start.

You can expect your first review of the design after 2 business days

During the design process I will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the design - so you get limitless alterations on the design!


Your signature card files will be delivered to you via email.

Support and instructions on how to insert your email signature card files into your email client will be done via email.

IMPORTANT: All orders are saved on our data base allowing you for the first 12 months after the order was placed to request for alterations on the contact details.

This does not include the creating of an email signature card for a new employee who have joined your company or business after the order was placed, unless you have ordered a package that will make provision for this.





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