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The Flash Photo gallery ($40.00) can be used to display your:

- Photos
- Services
- Use it an Intro to your web site
- Display your product line
- Use it as a header on your web site
- Text can be added to photos

You can integrate your flash photo gallery anywhere on your web site as the display size can be customized to suit your unique need.

Designing a Flash Photo Gallery for you will make it possible to graphically display your photos, images and products to your online customers.



The photo galleries are designed using Flash CS4 Professional which makes it possible to deliver your images in high quality and reduced file size.

Photo images in your Flash Image Gallery can be hyper linked to allow your web site visitor to navigate your site with ease.

Pre-loaders on the image gallery can be added - because you do not want to loose your visitor while waiting for the images to load.

Your image gallery can be customized to suite your unique need and can be resized to fit in anywhere on your web site - designing a Flash Banner according to your design specifications has never been easier.

You can also consider using your images as a Flash Intro Page which will be displayed to your customers while your web site is loading in the background.

Sound and Music can be added to each image independently in your Flash Image Gallery, so if you would like to create a specific atmosphere with your different images - it can be done.

Take a look at this Flash Image Gallery that was custom designed for one of our customers.



Click on the Order Button

Complete the online order form where you will provide me with your design specifications for the Flash image gallery

Place your order - the cost is only $40.00

Forward your photos / images and any additional design specs to : john@logo-animator.com

The turn around time is 2 business days from the time the order was placed.

You have limitless alterations on the design - meaning that I will work with you until you are completely satisfied

All the files will be delivered to you in .SWF format via email.


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