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Web site animations actually consist out of a wide range of designs that web site owners like to use to enhance their online look. Logo Animator is ready to assist you in designing web animations which will suite your requirements and that is affordable.

In the past web site animations was restricted to .GIF animations, which looked good as long as the animated image was kept small. If you render a large .GIF animation you will find that the image becomes pixilated and fuzzy - and the most negative aspect was the large file size of .GIF animations.

All this changed with the arrival of Flash! Now for the first time animators can create VECTOR image animations, where the animated image does not become fuzzy when rendered. The best thing about Flash is the fact that the final design is delivered to you in .SWF (Small Web File) format.

Logo Animator prides itself in delivering high quality web site animations which include:

Animated Logos
Flash Banners
Flash Photo or Image Galleries
Flash Intro Pages
Cartoon Logos and Cartoon Animations
Interactive Presentations
Portfolio Web Sites
Email Signature Cards
Standard Flash Web Sites

The Logo Animator's design team is ready to assist you with what ever project you might have, so if you do not find what you are looking for on our web site, please do not hesitate to CONTACT us and discuss your design requirement for your web site animations.


Animated Logo: Showalter


Web Site Animation: Flash Banner (Re-Sized)





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